UDIDFaker on iOS4+

Update: 5/16/11  the udidfaker from that source has been update to the latest one,  but if you still needed the old version, let me know and I will upload the the old version so you can install it either through ifile or terminal.

PLEASE NOTE that there’s a working udidfaker for ios4, you can get it from some of the sources on the cydia sources page in this site, this tutorial is just in case you didn’t like the newer version.

For all those that upgraded their udidfaker to the latest
version and didn’t like because it has to many bugs or for whatever
reason it might be, Here is guide on how to get the old version

NOTE: old version version works perfect with iOS 3.x.x devices, for
the rest of us that have iOS 4.0+ it crashes so you need to use
ifile in order to change udids. Steps For iOS 3.x.x: *Make sure you
have your udids save some where safe.

  1. Uninstall the new udidfaker using cydia.
  2. Add this source to cydia repo.icausefx.com/
  3. After you add it search for udidfaker inside the source
    and install it.
  4. After that you are done, enjoy
    a reliable udidfaker!

Steps for iOS

  • Do steps 1-3 for iOS 3.x.x
  • install ifile from cydia.
  • To change
    Apps UDID’s open ifile and fallow this path
  • Look for the App
    you want to change udids, open it and go into the .app
  • Inside the .app folder look for the “info.plist” open it
    and look for this


  • You want to either write down or copy the
    “com.storm8.imobsters” after this exit the info.plist.
  • Navigate to “var/mobile/Library/Preferences”
  • Once you are in “Preferences” look for this list
    “com.Reilly.UIDIFaker.plist” and open it.
  • once in there add this

Your New UDID</string.

  1. Save it and that’s it. Enjoy a new account.

13 responses to “UDIDFaker on iOS4+

  1. I need some help! I created multiple storm8 accounts on my iphone with udid faker! I used Vampire Live 300 loyalty client before 6 months for create another account! This prestige, loyalty etc. points clients is no longer aviable in appstore!
    The Game updated and my another client another account cant working becouse game want a update! I cant update my second client, becouse my main account or client is alredy updated!
    How can i get back my second account?

    • you need to make a clone , check my other guide. also note that this udidfaker is only for the ones that dont like the new one, you can add some of the sources that i have on the cydia page and look for the new udid faker in there.

  2. Ok got that so once in com.really.udidfaker I put com.storm8.worldwar
    ur udid goes here. Ok in-between string what udid goes there? What should I put there… Then how do I get the second app? I have cloned ww three times but there all the same acct I want to have multiple separate accts on my phone

  3. I created multiple worldwar applications, however they all will have the same clone account. How do i get multiple accounts on my multiple clones?

    • you need to install udidfaker from cydia and install it, you can add some of the sources from this site, must have udidfaker. once you have it just open it and look for the worldwar application and click random udid and thats all. you will have a new account.

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