How to change Carrier name without a jailbreak!!!

Here is a guide on how to change the AT&T carrier name or the Ipod name on your devices without having to jailbreak! works on my iphone 4  4.3.3 and ipods aswell.

Things you will need are:

  • the computer where you sync your device.
  • and donwload iBackupBot
  1. First thing you will need to do is back up your device with itunes so we can have a fresh back up.
  2. After you finish backing up, close itunes and open iBackupBot, and chose the latest back up for your device and click on it. You will see this



3. Now from the list on the right we need to find this list “”  which you will find under this name Library/Preferences/

4. Now double click  that, a pop up will come out, JUST CLICK ON CANCEL ON REGISTRATION.

5. Once you click cancel the springboard plist will come out looking like this

5. Now below <dict> we are going to type this depending on what you want!.

change carrier:
<string>what you want it to say</string>

For ipods show battery percentage:

6. I will be adding just the carrier. It should look like this

7. Now close the window and when it asks if you want to save changes click on yes!

8. Click to the left of the list so it looks like this with the sqaure on the left

9. now on on the toolbar click on the iphone icon  

and this will come out

Click on yes, dont worry the only thing that’s gonna get restore is the file, you will NOT lose anything, everything will stay the same. 

10. Once you click yes this box will appear, just let it finish.

11.Once the process is done you will see this

now your iphone or ipod will reboot!! once turns on, you will notice the name that type in the list is your new carrier, here is mine


* Now you can always change the carrier name by changing the name on the, or if you want the original carrier, just delete everything that you added and thats all!



13 responses to “How to change Carrier name without a jailbreak!!!

  1. this didnt work for me, i have ipod touch fourth generation, on 4.3.3. I followed everything but nothing changed

  2. So if I change the carrier name to T-Mobile does that mean I can use my iPhone 4 with T-Mobile without jailbreaking or unlocking it but I only need to activate and pop in a T-Mobile sim card? And does it work for version 4.3.3 baseband 04.10.01?

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